My career as a Motion Designer began at Fox Networks Group in 2011 when I joined the small design team working across the promotional material of National Geographic Channel, Nat Geo Wild, Nat Geo Adventure, FX, Fox Networks Group and the Adsales department. I put this reel together to try and paint a picture of the type of broadcast work I was involved with the National Geographic Channels across the 7 years but it is hard to do it justice. I was involved with literally thousands of campaigns across all types of content and marketing mediums.
Some memorable examples:
- National Geographic Optus App Launch
- National Geographic 2017 rebrand
- Mars: The Live Experience
- Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey with Neil DeGrasse Tyson
- World Traveller with Nick Saxon
- Pure Photography with Jason Edwards
- Outback Wrangler, Seasons 1 to 4
- Aussie Icons with HG Nelson
- The Rally
- Nat Geo People 2014 Channel Launch
Although I no longer work at Fox Networks Group full time I still occasionally help out with various freelance projects.
Company // Fox Networks Group Pty Ltd
Designers // Paolo Garcia, Gavin Barnett, Andy Eisenberg, Adriana Leibman, Ben Kirby, Aidan Judd
Channel Manager // Jerry Butterfield
Creative Services Manager // Richard Mayer
Producers // Sandrine Chevassu, Daniel Walkington, Luke Williams, Cade Buchanan, Michael Peck, Ying Ly


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