Louis Theroux
‘Love Without Limits’ was 1 of 3 ‘Altered States’ documentaries by Louis Theroux. Instead of Louis’ regular mugshot on the key art we decided to try an illustrative approach. Love Without Limits premiered in select cinemas across Australia and New Zealand and broadcast on BBC Knowledge.
Playing off the back of Love Without Limits was Louis Theroux – 20 Years of Weird, an exclusive interview with Louis discussing his more interesting experiences throughout his years of film making. This is the intro for that event.
The Little Drummer Girl
I worked on the visual style for the Australian promotion of the Little Drummer Girl premiering on BBC First. We employed a grungey dark room film look, which was relevant to the 1970’s espionage themes of the show.
This was just a quick concept for a teaser refresh for Luther, a long running series on BBC. I tried to keep the graphics in tune with the gritty nature of the show.
For the vast majority of people that don’t listen to the audio on Facebook videos we created some fun subtitles that are tracked into the scene. The end title was outsourced so I have just added international’s resolve as a placeholder.
Promax 2018
To see the Promax 2018 ‘The New Wave’ project click here
Client // BBC
Production Coordinator // Nancy-Maree Ryan
Producers // Brian McDonald, Emily Ellston
Designers // Gavin Barnett, Natalie Horak, Marcus Chong
Creative Director // Dan Aldridge


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