In 2018 BBC Studios had the honour of creating the branding and visual identity of the annual PromaxBDA Conference ANZ. I was given the task of experimenting with various animated components of the brand, to be displayed throughout the conference.
The theme of this year’s Promax was ‘The New Wave’. This represented the shape-shifting state of the future of media and new doors this change can provide.
The Logo design and branding of ‘The New Wave’ was developed by Natalie Horak. You can see more of her work here:

PromaxBDA – ‘The New Wave’ Bumpers

PromaxBDA – ‘The New Wave’ Conference Opener – All footage and music is for closed-conference purposes only. 

Print & Digital Design/Art Direction/Visual concepting: Natalie Horak
Creative Director, BBC Studios ANZ: D. Aldridge
Motion Graphics: Gavin Barnett, M. Chong, R. Wu, R. Miranda
Producer/Conference Opener: C. Jordan


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