Val Morgan cinema reached out to the team for a new look for their pre-show Ident. The idea was capture the magical feeling of the cinema and to show the power of the cinema advertising.
The Ident launched in 2014 and continues to run on the Val Morgan cinema network across Australia and New Zealand.
From the press release:
Val Morgan showcases the dynamic, emotive power of cinema with the launch of a new pre-show ident.
Debuting on over 2,000 screens nationally, the 20sec intro was specially created for the cinema environment and is spectacular, bringing to life the physical, human response to the magic of the big screen.
Val Morgan Managing Director Dan Hill said: “Our new brand Ident demonstrates the dynamic, creative possibilities offered by cinema advertising. Playing on cinema’s unique environment – big screen, big sound and dark auditorium, we hope our Ident will not only entertain cinemagoers but also inspire brands to capitalise on the power of the environment.”
Produced by Fox International Channels, the ident serves as a sensory explosion to engage with and prime audiences for the pre-show and main feature. The new pre-show tag will run across the entire Val Morgan network in both 2D and 3D and on in-foyer digital screens.
Client // Val Morgan Cinema Network
Role // Design & Visual Effects
Producers // Richard Mayer, Luke Williams
DOP // Sam Collins
Sound Design // Mark Ghulak
Website //


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