I worked with the Jellypepper team to deliver a rebrand for Baraja, including a Logo, Colour palette, Marketing videos and Print collateral.
The logo is Inspired by a sine wave and science behind their spectrum scanning technology. The client liked the idea of it looking like a falling ribbon so I tried to include that in the animation.
The home page video was to play on loop in the background of their websites header. The goal was to show off their what their product is and what it does. Starting from the technical 3d CAD files, I intergrated the Baraja Engine and Scanner into a Maserati.

The Basics

This just needed to be a very simple and clean explainer, for the potential investors to understand the very basics of the technology.

Software Defined LiDAR

Immunity to Interference

View the Jellypepper case study here - https://jellypepper.com/work/baraja
Client // Baraja
Agency // Jellypepper
Role // Logo Design, Branding, Motion Design


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